Changing Affiliate Links

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Changing Affiliate Links

Links to set up affiliate ID’s

ClickBank –

ClickBank Pro –

ClickBank ProAds –

Amazon –

All affiliate links (ID’s) are changed in the Theme Options tab.

You don’t need to make any changes in the widget area, all links are updated through the Theme Options area. Be sure to save all changes after each affiliate link is updated.


affiliate ID_how to change_1

Click below to know your ads.

ClickBank Banner Ads

125 x 125 Ad Blocks

CBEngine Text Ads

To change the ClickBank Hoplinks for the Banner Ads follow these 3 steps.

See Hoplink Encoding page image here

See an image of a completed Hoplink code here

affiliate ID_how to change_2

Insert your ClickBank and CBEngine nicknames as shown below for the Block Ads in Side Bar Widget. You don’t have to change any affiliate ID’s in the widget area. these automatically update the widget links.


affiliate ID_how to change_5

To change the Amazon affiliate ID simply replace as shown below


affiliate ID_how to change_6

Add your ClickBank and CBEngine (You must have a ClickBank Pro account to change these). These are for the CBEngine Ad Blocks

affiliate ID_how to change_7

To change 125 x 125 ad blocks, Simply add your image location and the link to where the image will take you when it’s clicked. There are no affiliate ID’s associated with these ad blocks. You can insert anything in them that you want. Great to sell ad space on your sight, up to 8 different blocks can be added.

affiliate ID_how to change_8

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