MySQL Database Setup Guide for Turnkey Websites

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Step 1. Create A MySQL Database

Important note before you begin: Create a notepad or word document on your desktop to copy and paste your database name, user name and user password into, you will need this information later along in the installation process.

  1. Log in to your cPanel account using this url format:  Go here to see what a cPanel dashboard looks like.

    On the cPanel dashboard find the “MySQL Database Wizard“buttoncPanelmysqlstep1

  2. Click the “MySQL Database Wizard” button and you will be redirected to the “MySQL® Database Wizard” and enter a database name of your choosing. It can be anything that you will remember like “mydatabase or database1” Important: (copy and paste the new database name into a notepad or word document on your desktop).    Then click “Next Step” button. Tip: Your database name should be something that will allow you to recognize it from other databases especially if you have already created or planning to create more databases in your web host account. mysqlstep2

  3. Enter a database username (Up to 7 characters is allowed) Generate a database password by clicking the “Password Generator buttonImportant: (Copy and paste the new user name and password into a notepad or word document on your desktop), in the password gernerator box, you will be asked to check that you copied the password and saved it, you must select that, then click “Use Password” button to automatically input the password in this form. Now you can click “Create User” buttonmysqlstep3

  4. Select the box beside “ALL PRIVILEGES“. This should automatically check all fields under it, then click the next step button on bottom
  1. mysqlstep4

Congratulations! You have successfully created a database for your new turnkey website. Now on to uploading the files.mysqlcomp



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