Turnkey Website installation on localhost using xampp

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Installing your website on your local computer using xampp

Using xampp on your computer allows you to work on your website offline before publishing it to the web. It is also a good way to keep a backup copy in the event something happens to your live site and you need to quickly reinstall it.

Step 1 – Setting up a database in xampp

First ensure that both the Apache server and MySQL are running. The names will be highlighted in green and under actions the button will change to stop. If the buttons say Start and Apache & MySQL are not highlighted then they are not running. Click the Start button to start them. Once they are running you can minimize this screen.

apache_MySQL startup_running

Next open xampp in your web browser and select phpMyAdmin

Type this into your web browser:


xampp website install step1

On the left side navigation, select “New” to add a new database. This will take you to the next screen.

xampp website install step2

Now you need to create a database name. This can be anything you want to call it and easy for you to remember, use only lowercase letters and numbers and no spaces.

Example: If you are installing a website called Facebook Marketing, you can name your database ‘fbmarketing’ or ‘facebookmarketing’ or ‘fbm1234’

Leave the Collation as is, no need to make any changes there.

Once you enter your database name, click ‘Create’

Now you are finished with the database setup

xampp website install step3


Step 2 – Creating a website file folder in xampp/htdocs/

Navigate to “C:/xampp/htdocs” in your computer programs

xampp website install_htdocs_ step4

Inside the htdocs folder, create a new folder and name it whatever you want that will be easy for you to remember. You can name it the same as your database to make it easier to remember.

I called mine “webhosts” to match the website and database

xampp website install_htdocs_ newfolder_step5

Next copy the backup.zip and importbuddy.php files you received in your website file package into this new folder.

Now you are ready to start running the install script

xampp website install_htdocs_ newfolder_copyfiles_step6


Step 3 – Running the importbuddy script

First – In a new tab on your web browser, type: localhost/your_htdocs_filefolder_name_here/importbuddy,php

Then hit the enter button on your keyboard

xampp website install_import_ step7

Next you will be prompted to enter a password to authenticate the importbuddy script. You will find this password in the text document named “Log In details” that came with your website file package.

Enter the password and select “Authenticate”

xampp website install_import_ step8

On the next screen you don’t need to make any changes, just select “Next Step” to start extracting the files from the backup.zip.

xampp website install_import_ step9


It may take a few minutes to unzip the backup files.

xampp website install_import_ step9_unzip

When the files have been successfully extracted, you will see the confirmation as shown below. Once you see this, select “Next Step”

xampp website install_import_ step10

OnĀ the next screen, all you have to do is enter your database name and user name. The database name is what you set up in the first step. The user by default in xampp is ‘root’ so enter that in the database user box.

Note: If you created a password when you installed and configured xampp then use that in the password box. If you didn’t create a password, then leave it blank.

The rest of the boxes will be auto-populated when the screen opens and no need to make any changes to them.

After you enter your database name and user name, select “Test Database Settings” xampp website install_import_ step11

If your database tests are good, you will see “…Success” next to each of them. If they all read …success, then select “Next Step”

Note: If you have any that fail, double check your spelling on your database and retest.


xampp website install_import_ step12

No need to make any changes on the next screen, just select “Next Step”xampp website install_import_ step13

Now your website has been installed, click on the link for your site. It should open in a new window or tab, once it opens leave it open and come back to the screen below.

Select “Cleanup and Remove temporary files”

xampp website install_import_ step14

Congratulations! You have installed your website on your local computer using xampp.


xampp website install_wpadmin_ install complete


Last Step – To get to the admin area of your website.

Go to the tab where you opened your website. In the address bar, add “wp-admin” to the end of the URL and hit the enter key on your keyboard.

xampp website install_wpadmin_ step15xampp website install_wpadmin_ step16

You will be prompted to add user name and password. You can find these in the text file “Log In Details” that came with your website file package. enter them and hit enter on your keyboard and the admin area of your website should open.

xampp website install_wpadmin_ step17

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